daydream believer

13 01 2014



We just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty tonight after work. It was the perfect film to end a Monday: lots of wide, sweeping shots, a perfectly planned soundtrack, and the story of a man leaving behind his desk and heading into the unknown adventure of life.

I loved it.

This was just one of the many movies we’ll watch this season in preparation for the Oscar’s in March (nothing has been officially nominated, so we’re going off of hearsay and speculation), but I loved it for its simplicity and hope.

I would recommend going to see this while it’s still in theaters. True, those shots will be amazing on the home screen too, but there is something about the expanse of the theater, and their sound system, that brings out the beauty of this film and lets you fully appreciate the magnificence of the places where it was made.

Here is one of the songs from the film that I rather liked, by Junip.


i watch as the planets turn and the old stars die and the young stars burn

8 01 2014

Last week I sat down and thought about the things I’d like to accomplish this year. Not so much in a resolutions sort of way, but in a what would I like to work on this year as an individual, goals, and prayers for the new year. So, resolutions, but more in theory, not name.

Eh, oh well, I guess they were resolutions.

A few years ago I had been reading a blog by Jason Good, (he’s got some hilarious takes on parenthood and life, you should check him out) and his last post of 2011 was interesting in how it talked about the original thought behind his blog. I copied one of my favorite points below.

I thought of it like this: The differences between dieting and getting sober are vast. Dieting means eating less, and you’re constantly tempted with morsels of your addiction. Being sober – though difficult in practice – is an easier concept:  never drink again.

I like the difference between the diet and being sober. While I’m not planning on cutting anything out of my life, it was a good wake-up call to what a resolution should be about. It’s not the temporary change, the 10 pounds the collective “we” have all committed to lose, but a life change. It’s a commitment to live a healthier, sustainable life. To consistently choose the salad over the fries, or to smile more, not just until we get tired of it, but until that change becomes who we are and starts to shape our character.

Don’t get me wrong. I know choosing a salad over fries (or insert your own similar example here) will not really shape my character, but the consistent denying of instant gratification, the consistent choice to remain positive in all facets of life, the decision to reach out to those around you in a more personal way, will.

2013 was a year of commitments. I made it a point to follow through on things I’d said, the choices and decisions I’d  made, regardless of how I felt about them after the fact. It meant saying no to some more exciting options in order to honor decisions I’d made earlier, but overall it was such a good lesson on letting your yes be yes and your no be no. This year, I am expanding my 2013 word by adding Engage. I want to extend myself beyond what is comfortable in my relationships with those around me. Saying yes to more things instead of opting to stay home. Whether this is drawing new people into my life or just going out with my roommates when I’d rather go to bed, I’m not sure. We’ll see how it plays out in real life, but it is what I will be praying this year for myself and those around me.

And, because no post is complete without music, here is a song that has been following me this past month or so. Enjoy!


recently on repeat

5 08 2013

These are a few of the songs I’ve been listening to on repeat recently. Some are new and some are older, but they are all pretty wonderful.


If I Had a Boat – James Vincent McMorrow

I can’t get enough of the chorus to this song. The rest of this album, Early in the Morning, is great as well.


Don’t You Want It – The White Buffalo

His new album comes out September 10, I can’t wait! The entire album is written from the perspective of a war veteran coming home and finding his place once more. Based on this song, it’s going  to be good. Also, here’s a link to an interview he did at the WSJ.


Cover Me Up – Jason Isbell

This version is gritty, but I think it captures more of the raw emotion in the song.


Summer Girls – Mike Clark and the Sugar Sounds

This. is. the. SONG. OF. THE. SUMMER. I can’t get enough.


You Put the Flame on It – Charles Bradley

This guy used to be a James Brown impersonator and you can totally tell in his music.

Happy birthday Brittany!

5 08 2013

For Brittany’s birthday (last October!) we celebrated with a good old fashioned weekend. Friday night we went to the Washington Parish Fair for some carny rides, fair food, and prizes. Wahoo!

IMG_4145West 25th Avenue represents!

IMG_4146Christine Diggs joined us for the fun.

IMG_4153Buying some corn meal for future deliciousness.


IMG_4158The beginnings of wonderful cane syrup.

IMG_4184Baby pigs!


IMG_4216Brittany choosing her three ducks for a prize.

IMG_4220Post duck call.

IMG_4225Word to the wise, don’t ever tell a carny you plan to give your prize to a puppy. They talk you down to a smaller stuffed animal. Sad day.

IMG_3332This was hands down the sketchiest ride experience I’ve ever had. I really thought we weren’t going to make it and I definitely had a vision of the newspaper headlines the next day: “Five local girls died in a tragic carny ride gone bad when their car disconnected from the ride and sailed into a nearby candy apple display.”


IMG_4241Last ride of the night – so fun!


Day 2: Great Mississippi River Balloon Race

The next day we trekked up to Natchez, MS for the Great Mississippi River Balloon race.

IMG_3349The balloons are all racing to snag a key from a smaller balloon floating over the crowds. If they can get the key, they will win a brand new car, so it was pretty exciting to see the attempts. Sadly, no one won this year, but we did have some close encounters.





IMG_4390After the balloons we walked around downtown Natchez and ate dinner at a great little joint called Biscuits and Blues before heading home.

Headed down south (actually north) to the land of the pines…

7 04 2013

This past October for Brittany’s birthday we went to the McGehee family’s camp in Tallulah, Louisiana for some south Louisiana fun. We were joined by her parents, her brother Andrew, and some of his friends for a 4-wheelin’, star gazin’, deer spottin’, bear huntin’, bingo playin’, trail walkin’ kind of weekend. It was wonderful and Spring Bayou (pronounced “by-o” if you want to blend in as a S.B. native) was beautiful as usual.

I’ve only gotten to visit Spring Bayou a few times since I’ve been living with Brittany, but it already feels a little like home. I can definitely appreciate the love the McGehees and Brittany have for that place, it’s amazing to see the legacy their Grandfather has given their whole family.


Brittany and I scoping out the deer stand that was knocked over by a recent storm, with the help of a Pine. And checking out where the bears had been scratching their claws on the stand’s legs.


Brittany in her element


Soy harvest was happening the same weekend we were there. It was neat to see the combines in action, and to see the soy au natural, or outside of an edamame dish. The McGehees lease the farm land out to a local farmer to keep the fields active. The last time we were here these fields were just starting to sprout and were so green!


Rachel, post hike, in fields of gold… (cue synthesizers and Sting)


Obligatory walking into the distance, our-behinds-look-small-at-least shot.


Rachel prepping to take the 4-wheelers out to find the elusive giant cypress. It was pretty elusive and we’ll have to give it another go next time we’re there.


Riding with Dr. David to check the cameras at the salt licks for bear sightings.


We played an amazing, amazing game (games) of bingo with everyone at Spring Bayou one of the nights. It was so much fun and the competition was fierce! Thanks Ms. Michelle for the exciting time and wonderful prizes (and for being our “caller”)!


We celebrated Brittany’s birthday that same night with ice-cream and cupcakes.


The family representatives for the weekend: Ms. Michelle, Brittany, Andrew, and Dr. David. What a wonderful group of people!


An early bear scouting expedition. Unsuccessful, but still a good time.

Going up the country, babe don’t you wanna go? Take you to some place I’ve never been before…

30 03 2013

Ages and ages ago, like last summer, we watched the kids of a family in our church so their parents could get some errands done. It was a blast of an evening, complete with pizza for dinner (and salad, for some of us), a tour of the farm, horse rides, chickens, pooping ducks, and a movie.

Hope viewed the proceedings from various outposts, but ultimately declined anything more than an observatory role in the tour.

Joseph showed us his skills, including a moving dismount, with some rather unhelpful, unrequested prompts from the horse.

Hope and Laura watching the excitement unfold.


“No, his name isn’t Silky…”


“… he is a Silky!”


Hope changed her local more times then Noodle pooped. And that was a lot.


Phoebe showed off her impressive duck wrangling skills.


Rachel’s duck wrangling skills were also impressive, but ended less successfully than Phoebe’s and required a hosing off afterwards. No photos were taken of Noodle’s impressive skills. Your welcome, Internets.


We also visited the piglets, which was Laura’s favorite part. Farm life and the amazing grasp on reality that these kids have was exhibited when someone explained that they would have the baby pigs until they turned them into sausage.
Would this count as a #cutefail? Sorry baby pigs.


Pre-movie gaming by watching cartoons with Rachel.

some days you are Elvis, some days Joan of Arc

4 03 2013

Tyler Lyle recently released a new EP, and it is amazing.

I’ve loved this guy and his work since I was first introduced ages ago (again, many thanks to Heather!). His past work has been just as wonderful as this new album, in my opinion. I honestly can’t think of any album or single of his that hasn’t been played on constant repeat for days on end, or added to every mix I make — much to my roommates’ (and Esca’s) consternation, I’m sure. Haha!

Nothing has changed with his newest EP, except it’s even more wonderful.

If possible.

I’m gushing, I know, but this guy has some amazing talent with the bread and butter of sound (words and music, the bread and butter of everything, to me). Here’s to him playing New Orleans in that future, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

This song has some “language” language in it, but it is beautiful and must be shared. I hope you like it and him as much as I do. Check out more of him on Bandcamp, and perhaps buy an album or two, or all. You won’t regret it.