[insert Tarzan yell here]

9 09 2010

Last night while babysitting my cousin Addie’s children, we watched one of the original Tarzan films.  Now, one would expect the early filmmakers to be chaste and to deftly skirt around sensitive subjects and images.  Not so, my friends, not so.  This was the conversation Lu and I had during Jane’s nude swim [!!!!] with Tarzan:

Lu:  Why isn’t she wearing any undies?

Me: Um, they don’t wear undies in the jungle.

Lu: But, but why don’t they wear undies in the jungle?

Me: Mmmm.  Because they get dirty and they don’t have a washing machine to clean them.

Lu ponders her follow-up question while I skip to the next animal attack scene.

Keep ’em on Jane, keep ’em on.