My heart is dancin’, to a November tune…

28 10 2010

Okay, I know it’s not November, yet, but I am just so excited about going up to DC this weekend and seeing actual leaves with true fall colors, not the brown rust ones that currently grace our trees and ground.  Yay!

I’ll be heading up with the cousins and the honorary cousin to see two of my favorite people, watch Cack beat a few Marines in the MCM, and dance the night away in a totally DC hip, cultural way.

Also, to eat breakfast here.  What can I say, I’m a Miltenberger – I describe trips by the food we ate.  Don’t judge me…


Here are a few pics of the fall foliage I am expecting/hoping to see.  Also, a few of the people who will be gracing the updated versions in a few days.  Enjoy!





love ’em…

24 10 2010

I love my brothers.












They keep it real, they enjoy each other, and they make me feel special.














Thanks boys.


*I’ve got a couple hundred other reasons for loving them, but a sister’s got to save some stuff for future birthday cards and wedding toasts, you know…

love at a farmer’s market

17 10 2010

Fueled in part by my crush on the vendor of the organic veggies, as well as my desire to “return to nature”, I made a key purchase at the market this weekend.  Due to this, I spent most of my Saturday afternoon shelling peas.  Hindsight 20/20, I probably didn’t need to buy two containers of them.