the bucket is broken, but the water is pure

31 12 2010

After more than a few years of loving Josh Ritter, I heard this song for the first time yesterday.  It’s funny how easy it is to lose music on an iPod, especially a song from an artist who gets a fair share of my auditory attention.  Maybe I’d heard it before, but yesterday I really heard it.

I love how music (or books, places, people) can simmer in the back of our lives until we suddenly open our eyes to see what has been waiting for us all along.  I know this sounds like the typical ending to a rotten tomato of a romance movie, but really, why not?

This song couldn’t have come at a better time.  I’m ready to make a mark on this world in any small way I can and it’s been hard trusting that where I am is where I should be… that I am here at the right time, and not thinking I may be missing something better down a different road.  Call it the fear of a childhood reader – I managed to miss many fun times because I stayed home, by choice, yes, but the damage was done and an illogical fear was created.  🙂

My peace now is in following Christ.  I will be weary in this world, but faithfulness will bring me to where my right times will be.  Mr. Ritter’s lyrics once again hit home.  I can know, with “no second guesses or secret signs” that I am here at the right time.


Oh but rumor has it that I wasn’t born, I just walked in one frosty morn

8 12 2010

This man and his guitar have quickly picked their way up to the top of my favorites this season.  I love the lightness of his songs (think birds swooping across the sky) and the clearness in his voice.  I’d like to hang over a balcony watching him perform until my arms fall asleep.  Preferably all day, preferably tomorrow.