Can I get some of that Barry White?

20 03 2011


Barry White/Berry Weiss.  Tomato/Tomahto.

I volunteered at the 2nd Annual Top of the Hops beer festival yesterday with some friends and spent the afternoon laughing, spilling beer, and trying to pour just two ounces. Also, we spent the afternoon fending off the wit of slightly toasted old men, thus the Barry White beer. In everyone else’s defense, most folks at that point wouldn’t have been able to pronounce weiss correctly if you paid them.


Swing me way down south, sing me something brave from your mouth

9 03 2011

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about packing up and traveling the country, and mostly in a vehicle which could contain my whole world.


Cars are overrated my friends, let’s embrace our inner Huck and return to the river.