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31 03 2012


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The Hunger Games Review… a day late, a dollar short (unless you’re talking movie tickets, then it’s always a dollar more than you expect).

24 03 2012

You could cut the tension and teen hormones with a knife. As the minutes tick down to midnight, voices become more urgent and laughter reaches a higher pitch. The lights fade and cheers erupt.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let the 74th Hunger Games begin!”

The adaption of Suzanne Collin’s teen novel, The Hunger Games, was released today in the wee hours of the morning to a faithful crowd of teens and adults, drawing the largest collection of braids and boots I’ve ever seen.

The movie follows relatively closely to the book, which tells the story of a young girl growing up in a dystopian society, where every year the 12 Districts of the country of Panem must each provide two tributes, one male, one female, to the Capitol. These tributes, children between the ages of 12 and 18, must then fight to the death in a modern gladiator setting – with only one victor remaining.

The film features strong acting and relatively mild violence. The violent deaths of the book are well-concealed, but seeing children killing other children is still numbing. The continuity between the book and film adaption is commendable, the only real loss is the reader’s insight into the feelings and emotions of the main character, Katniss. There also seems to be a missed opportunity in the film, where the potential to provide a visual of the emotional toll the Hunger Games takes on its participants is not fully fleshed out.
I would recommend this movie to anyone who has read the books, those who haven’t, adults, and mature children over the age of 12, as some of the scenes could be too much for younger children.

This movie has the potential for great discussions at the end, not just about the obvious book vs. movie argument, but also about the deeper themes of family, the role of the state in the lives of its citizens, and the morality of a people who could support such cruel entertainment (what is the possibility/reality of this in our lives, etc.). Enjoy the movie, and may the odds be ever in your favor!