Going up the country, babe don’t you wanna go? Take you to some place I’ve never been before…

30 03 2013

Ages and ages ago, like last summer, we watched the kids of a family in our church so their parents could get some errands done. It was a blast of an evening, complete with pizza for dinner (and salad, for some of us), a tour of the farm, horse rides, chickens, pooping ducks, and a movie.

Hope viewed the proceedings from various outposts, but ultimately declined anything more than an observatory role in the tour.

Joseph showed us his skills, including a moving dismount, with some rather unhelpful, unrequested prompts from the horse.

Hope and Laura watching the excitement unfold.


“No, his name isn’t Silky…”


“… he is a Silky!”


Hope changed her local more times then Noodle pooped. And that was a lot.


Phoebe showed off her impressive duck wrangling skills.


Rachel’s duck wrangling skills were also impressive, but ended less successfully than Phoebe’s and required a hosing off afterwards. No photos were taken of Noodle’s impressive skills. Your welcome, Internets.


We also visited the piglets, which was Laura’s favorite part. Farm life and the amazing grasp on reality that these kids have was exhibited when someone explained that they would have the baby pigs until they turned them into sausage.
Would this count as a #cutefail? Sorry baby pigs.


Pre-movie gaming by watching cartoons with Rachel.




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