Happy birthday Brittany!

5 08 2013

For Brittany’s birthday (last October!) we celebrated with a good old fashioned weekend. Friday night we went to the Washington Parish Fair for some carny rides, fair food, and prizes. Wahoo!

IMG_4145West 25th Avenue represents!

IMG_4146Christine Diggs joined us for the fun.

IMG_4153Buying some corn meal for future deliciousness.


IMG_4158The beginnings of wonderful cane syrup.

IMG_4184Baby pigs!


IMG_4216Brittany choosing her three ducks for a prize.

IMG_4220Post duck call.

IMG_4225Word to the wise, don’t ever tell a carny you plan to give your prize to a puppy. They talk you down to a smaller stuffed animal. Sad day.

IMG_3332This was hands down the sketchiest ride experience I’ve ever had. I really thought we weren’t going to make it and I definitely had a vision of the newspaper headlines the next day: “Five local girls died in a tragic carny ride gone bad when their car disconnected from the ride and sailed into a nearby candy apple display.”


IMG_4241Last ride of the night – so fun!


Day 2: Great Mississippi River Balloon Race

The next day we trekked up to Natchez, MS for the Great Mississippi River Balloon race.

IMG_3349The balloons are all racing to snag a key from a smaller balloon floating over the crowds. If they can get the key, they will win a brand new car, so it was pretty exciting to see the attempts. Sadly, no one won this year, but we did have some close encounters.





IMG_4390After the balloons we walked around downtown Natchez and ate dinner at a great little joint called Biscuits and Blues before heading home.




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