Going up the country, babe don’t you wanna go? Take you to some place I’ve never been before…

30 03 2013

Ages and ages ago, like last summer, we watched the kids of a family in our church so their parents could get some errands done. It was a blast of an evening, complete with pizza for dinner (and salad, for some of us), a tour of the farm, horse rides, chickens, pooping ducks, and a movie.

Hope viewed the proceedings from various outposts, but ultimately declined anything more than an observatory role in the tour.

Joseph showed us his skills, including a moving dismount, with some rather unhelpful, unrequested prompts from the horse.

Hope and Laura watching the excitement unfold.


“No, his name isn’t Silky…”


“… he is a Silky!”


Hope changed her local more times then Noodle pooped. And that was a lot.


Phoebe showed off her impressive duck wrangling skills.


Rachel’s duck wrangling skills were also impressive, but ended less successfully than Phoebe’s and required a hosing off afterwards. No photos were taken of Noodle’s impressive skills. Your welcome, Internets.


We also visited the piglets, which was Laura’s favorite part. Farm life and the amazing grasp on reality that these kids have was exhibited when someone explained that they would have the baby pigs until they turned them into sausage.
Would this count as a #cutefail? Sorry baby pigs.


Pre-movie gaming by watching cartoons with Rachel.


Cinco de Derby

15 01 2013

Please forgive me my late, late posting. I figure I’m under the mark for a full year since the event [pats self on back], so it seems to be not quite so bad.

This May we hosted a combo Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby party, hence the Cinco de Derby title. It was a success, and I can’t wait for the second annual!

bar basics

The bar, prepped for Mint Juleps and Margaritas

back porch

Everyone on the back porch, enjoying the company, food, and slightly muggy weather.

Esca and Friend with Food

Esca made a new friend, always easier when there’s a snack involved.


Derby style.

derby win

Christine collecting her trophy for guessing the correct winner, I’ll Have Another.

The purse for this win almost rivaled the actual Derby purse. Almost.

Pre-birds or future birds

27 04 2011

I managed to get through 6 plus episodes of Parks and Recreation today, one during lunch and the others in the process of making this little heart attack.

I actually have yet to see this meal in it’s final form, and sadly probably won’t anytime in the near future. My double-batch is being divvied up amongst various families in our church, what with all the babies being born and knees being repaired and such. Don’t cry for me though, I had my fair share of both the biscuit dough and the finished filling during my many “flavor checks.” It’s important to get that flavor right, you know.

YUM. That’s all I can say here, yum. While the three hour solo prep time was a bit daunting, with a few more folks helping in the kitchen (or better planning) I imagine it would go by much more quickly.

I hope the laughter laughed tonight comes through in the finished product.

Can I get some of that Barry White?

20 03 2011


Barry White/Berry Weiss.  Tomato/Tomahto.

I volunteered at the 2nd Annual Top of the Hops beer festival yesterday with some friends and spent the afternoon laughing, spilling beer, and trying to pour just two ounces. Also, we spent the afternoon fending off the wit of slightly toasted old men, thus the Barry White beer. In everyone else’s defense, most folks at that point wouldn’t have been able to pronounce weiss correctly if you paid them.

hold the tinsel, please

28 11 2010

You can tell a lot about people by the way they handle four things:
a rainy day, the elderly, lost luggage, and tangled christmas lights.

Today I got to handle two of the above four… I solo-hung the lights on our Christmas tree with the “back seat driver” help of my grandparents, parents, and siblings.

Ah, the sacrifices we Christmas tree light-hanging perfectionists make.

Luckily, no strand was too tangled and all input was taken into account with the necessary branches/lights being adjusted to the satisfaction of all.

Bring on the holiday season: Part 1 of the prep is out of the way and open for enjoyment.


love at a farmer’s market

17 10 2010

Fueled in part by my crush on the vendor of the organic veggies, as well as my desire to “return to nature”, I made a key purchase at the market this weekend.  Due to this, I spent most of my Saturday afternoon shelling peas.  Hindsight 20/20, I probably didn’t need to buy two containers of them.

[insert Tarzan yell here]

9 09 2010

Last night while babysitting my cousin Addie’s children, we watched one of the original Tarzan films.  Now, one would expect the early filmmakers to be chaste and to deftly skirt around sensitive subjects and images.  Not so, my friends, not so.  This was the conversation Lu and I had during Jane’s nude swim [!!!!] with Tarzan:

Lu:  Why isn’t she wearing any undies?

Me: Um, they don’t wear undies in the jungle.

Lu: But, but why don’t they wear undies in the jungle?

Me: Mmmm.  Because they get dirty and they don’t have a washing machine to clean them.

Lu ponders her follow-up question while I skip to the next animal attack scene.

Keep ’em on Jane, keep ’em on.