Pre-birds or future birds

27 04 2011

I managed to get through 6 plus episodes of Parks and Recreation today, one during lunch and the others in the process of making this little heart attack.

I actually have yet to see this meal in it’s final form, and sadly probably won’t anytime in the near future. My double-batch is being divvied up amongst various families in our church, what with all the babies being born and knees being repaired and such. Don’t cry for me though, I had my fair share¬†of both the biscuit dough and the finished filling¬†during my many “flavor checks.” It’s important to get that flavor right, you know.

YUM. That’s all I can say here, yum. While the three hour solo prep time was a bit daunting, with a few more folks helping in the kitchen (or better planning) I imagine it would go by much more quickly.

I hope the laughter laughed tonight comes through in the finished product.