Happy birthday Brittany!

5 08 2013

For Brittany’s birthday (last October!) we celebrated with a good old fashioned weekend. Friday night we went to the Washington Parish Fair for some carny rides, fair food, and prizes. Wahoo!

IMG_4145West 25th Avenue represents!

IMG_4146Christine Diggs joined us for the fun.

IMG_4153Buying some corn meal for future deliciousness.


IMG_4158The beginnings of wonderful cane syrup.

IMG_4184Baby pigs!


IMG_4216Brittany choosing her three ducks for a prize.

IMG_4220Post duck call.

IMG_4225Word to the wise, don’t ever tell a carny you plan to give your prize to a puppy. They talk you down to a smaller stuffed animal. Sad day.

IMG_3332This was hands down the sketchiest ride experience I’ve ever had. I really thought we weren’t going to make it and I definitely had a vision of the newspaper headlines the next day: “Five local girls died in a tragic carny ride gone bad when their car disconnected from the ride and sailed into a nearby candy apple display.”


IMG_4241Last ride of the night – so fun!


Day 2: Great Mississippi River Balloon Race

The next day we trekked up to Natchez, MS for the Great Mississippi River Balloon race.

IMG_3349The balloons are all racing to snag a key from a smaller balloon floating over the crowds. If they can get the key, they will win a brand new car, so it was pretty exciting to see the attempts. Sadly, no one won this year, but we did have some close encounters.





IMG_4390After the balloons we walked around downtown Natchez and ate dinner at a great little joint called Biscuits and Blues before heading home.


Headed down south (actually north) to the land of the pines…

7 04 2013

This past October for Brittany’s birthday we went to the McGehee family’s camp in Tallulah, Louisiana for some south Louisiana fun. We were joined by her parents, her brother Andrew, and some of his friends for a 4-wheelin’, star gazin’, deer spottin’, bear huntin’, bingo playin’, trail walkin’ kind of weekend. It was wonderful and Spring Bayou (pronounced “by-o” if you want to blend in as a S.B. native) was beautiful as usual.

I’ve only gotten to visit Spring Bayou a few times since I’ve been living with Brittany, but it already feels a little like home. I can definitely appreciate the love the McGehees and Brittany have for that place, it’s amazing to see the legacy their Grandfather has given their whole family.


Brittany and I scoping out the deer stand that was knocked over by a recent storm, with the help of a Pine. And checking out where the bears had been scratching their claws on the stand’s legs.


Brittany in her element


Soy harvest was happening the same weekend we were there. It was neat to see the combines in action, and to see the soy au natural, or outside of an edamame dish. The McGehees lease the farm land out to a local farmer to keep the fields active. The last time we were here these fields were just starting to sprout and were so green!


Rachel, post hike, in fields of gold… (cue synthesizers and Sting)


Obligatory walking into the distance, our-behinds-look-small-at-least shot.


Rachel prepping to take the 4-wheelers out to find the elusive giant cypress. It was pretty elusive and we’ll have to give it another go next time we’re there.


Riding with Dr. David to check the cameras at the salt licks for bear sightings.


We played an amazing, amazing game (games) of bingo with everyone at Spring Bayou one of the nights. It was so much fun and the competition was fierce! Thanks Ms. Michelle for the exciting time and wonderful prizes (and for being our “caller”)!


We celebrated Brittany’s birthday that same night with ice-cream and cupcakes.


The family representatives for the weekend: Ms. Michelle, Brittany, Andrew, and Dr. David. What a wonderful group of people!


An early bear scouting expedition. Unsuccessful, but still a good time.

Ruston Peach Festival

23 01 2013

The Ruston Peach Festival (again, a post 6 months in the making) was a blast. I had been talking about going since I first visited Ruston, scarily almost 10 years ago. It was everything I had imagined and more. I ate delicious peaches, baked/sizzled in the hot sun, and fed a coon with my bare hand. Also, I stocked up on random canned delicacies like Garlic Pickle Chips, Peach Salsa, and Peach Butter. Yum!

peaches in actionThe conveyor belt of goodness at Mitcham Farms.

Bubba the SquirrelBubba the motorcycle riding squirrel and her owner. This was a the craft/bazaar in downtown Ruston. We got to help Brittany’s mom, Ms. Michelle, sell some of her amazing handmade items. They’re all put together from old pocket watches. I love my earrings and the necklace I got that weekend!

coonsThe racoons at Grandmother’s house (Brittany’s grandmother). They come over every night for a meal provided by Mrs. McGehee, usually scoops of dog food and any delicious leftovers she may have in the fridge or pantry. She even has a pan of water she leaves out so they can wash their food, if they’re so inclined.

IMG_2733This is one of my favorite photos from the day, this little guy was so cute!

IMG_2731Here’s proof that I fed a ‘coon! I was pretty thrilled, since I’ve had a dream of owning or interacting with racoons ever since I saw Rascal. Needless to say, those little hand-like paws only poured fuel on the fire. If only they weren’t so destructive/didn’t carry rabies.


28 06 2012

Earlier this summer the roommates all travelled up to Chattanooga for a wedding and to visit friends. It was a great time and we had a blast hiking the mountains around town and then seeing the sights. What a great city, I can’t wait to return!

Hiking to Buzzard’s Point

What a view!

Rach and Brittany in their wedding finery – beautiful!

Walking around downtown Chat, waiting to get dinner at the The Terminal.

River reflections. Chat has such a great feel at night, it’s not crazy, but it’s perfect for after dinner strolling.

Breakfast at the amazing Aretha Frankensteins. I can’t wait to go back!

This breakfast didn’t need Instagram to make it look better, but I added it anyway. Wowza.

  These girls are pretty great, no?

We made friends with this little guy on our way home. He stuck with us from Chat all the way to Mississippi, and then hopped off for another adventure.

This little lonely boy was ready for our return, we missed him too!

In the “Distract”

2 04 2011

Margie and I are up in the District, or Distract, this weekend. We’ve already been to a hip magazine launch party and had lunch at Art and Soul (while the food was delicious, I will say the service and atmosphere left a lot to be desired).

Here are a few pics from the weekend so far…

Baked and Wired coffeeBaked and Wired Friday afternoon

Worn Magazine Launch