some days you are Elvis, some days Joan of Arc

4 03 2013

Tyler Lyle recently released a new EP, and it is amazing.

I’ve loved this guy and his work since I was first introduced ages ago (again, many thanks to Heather!). His past work has been just as wonderful as this new album, in my opinion. I honestly can’t think of any album or single of his that hasn’t been played on constant repeat for days on end, or added to every mix I make — much to my roommates’ (and Esca’s) consternation, I’m sure. Haha!

Nothing has changed with his newest EP, except it’s even more wonderful.

If possible.

I’m gushing, I know, but this guy has some amazing talent with the bread and butter of sound (words and music, the bread and butter of everything, to me). Here’s to him playing New Orleans in that future, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

This song has some “language” language in it, but it is beautiful and must be shared. I hope you like it and him as much as I do. Check out more of him on Bandcamp, and perhaps buy an album or two, or all. You won’t regret it.